Hawaii Air National Guard Protocol Training

Project Overview

Customer: MTT Protocol Training for 45 Joint Military Members, Hawaii Air National Guard W912J6-16-P-0056

Program Background:

The Mobile Training Team (MTT) Protocol Course consist of 128 hours course of instruction that provided a basic to advanced level of training in the practical aspects of military and government protocol procedures and policies. The Protocol training allowed for all Major Subordinate Commands with HIARNG the ability be self-sufficient in protocol duties as often required for ceremonies and other military events.

JAS employee and Joint Military Protocol Subject Matter Expert Ms. Margarete Bonner developed the curriculum and program of instruction for the 45 Joint Military Members for the Hawaii Air National Guard.


  • Graduated 45 HIARNG Joint Military Members in 128 hours of Protocol Certification.
  • 92% graduation average on practical exercise and final exam.
  • Designed, developed and implemented 128 hours of Protocol curriculum IAW Joint DOD Policy.
  • Produced Protocol Training Manuals that will be used as the standard protocol operating procedure for HIARNG Joint Force.
  • Received “Exceed Standards from post course evaluation.